Tom Gates Book 2: Excellent Excuses (PB)

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Tom Gates Book 2: Excellent Excuses (PB)

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The second title in the multi-million bestselling series from the brilliantly talented Liz Pichon.

No school for two whole weeks! (Yeah!). I can forget ALL about lessons (and irritating things like Marcus Meldrew). And concentrate on good stuff like:

  • Inventing new ways to annoy my sister Delia. (So many).
  • Band practice for DOGZOMBIES (with my mate Derek).
  • Watching TV and eating caramel wafers.
  • Eating caramel wafers and watching TV.


Unfortunately, a couple of small problems called the dentist and my big weirdo sister, Delia, seem to be getting in the way of my BRILLIANT plans . . .

Paperback edition.

Tax included.